Services (What we really know how)

Onsite Registration.

Faith-X Services have completed many registration events in Entire India. Events can range from as little as 500 visitors to as many as 40 000 visitors. FAITH-X SERVICES will provide all the IT equipment and trained technicians to set up the registration network onsite. Our registration staff are well trained, friendly and professional. In addition, FAITH-X SERVICES will set up a fast track registration booth and self service booths area for visitors who have registered on the internet where they will be scanned in. Registration is fast and accurate and we can provide our clients with real time reporting as to number of visitors registered and who has arrived. After the event we will generate a detailed database of attendies. After an exhibition we will generate an in-depth visitor analysis based on the event demographics as well as forwarding you our unique filter programme enabling you to easily pull lists based on your event demographics.

Online Registration.

Faith-X Services will design online page whether it is a simple online registration page for an exhibition or a more complex conference page. Our in-house development team will work with you to achieve just the look and functionality that is appropriate to your event. All sites online pages branded and the system automatically issues unique barcodes to event visitors who register online. In addition we can email unique barcodes to any database that you plan to use as a pre-registration database.

Touch Screen Self Badge Printing Kiosk

Faith-X Services provides a unique service of touch screen badge prinitng kiosk.This helps visitors to print their pre-registered badges with the help of kiosk. This reduces the queing on pre-registration counter.

Photo Identification Registration

Faith-X Services offers a full Photo Identification registration service for those high profile events which require added security. Registration tags can be card, PVC, watermarked or can contain holograms for additional security. This can be executed in real time onsite or offsite.

Email & SMS Campaigns

Faith-X Services can take care of all your Email or SMS Broadcast requirements. We use our online system to send professional, branded, personalised emails to any database. These emails can contain images, text and barcodes.

Full RSVP Delegate Management and Event Help Lines

If you have an event requiring follow up on delegates who have not responded to the invitation, Faith-X Services will activate their in-house call centre. Our skilled staff will follow up on delegates who have not responded and update the online database with the result of the phone call. Furthermore we can provide an Event Hotline after taking a detailed brief from client to ensure that the correct information is being disseminated to delegates who phone in for information or help.

Onsite Access Control

Should you be planning an event that involves restricted movement for delegates, Faith-X Services provides various solutions including bar code and QR code technology to effect access control. The system will also generate an attendance list.


Faith-X Services has a variety of scanners available for rent to either exhibitors or for access control. In addition we have scanners that can read barcodes presented on mobile phones. Exhibitors that hire scanners can access their data online.

Event Staff

Faith-X Services can provide you with all your event staff, including ushers, hostesses, registration staff, stand hostesses, organizers office assistants.

Event Consumables (Stationery)

Faith-X Services can supply all the consumables necessary for your event including, badges, lanyards, plastic pouches, wrist bands, glow stick bands, pins, PVC cards with magnets, stamps etc.

Wi-Fi Spots / Business Centers

FAITH-X SERVICES can set up business centers with WiFi, scanners, photocopiers, laptops and printers.

Post Show Visitor Analysis

After an exhibition or an event we clean the data. Our analysis reports are comprehensive and accurate. The reports include hourly attendance, regional and international breakdowns, contact detail analysis and analysis of all the demographic options.

About Us

What We Are?

Exhibition & Event Services ("FAITH-X SERVICES ") evolved in the early 21st century as conference and event service providers. However, by 2015 FAITH-X SERVICES had identified an urgent need for professional and reliable electronic registration solutions for medium to large events. After completing some in-depth research in the large exhibition centres in India the FAITH-X SERVICES Online Bar Code Registration System was born. The software is continually being refined and added to and is still considered an industry standard "best practice" registration system in India. FAITH-X SERVICES has continued to identified and develop cutting edge software solutions such as:

Online Booking Websites, Payment Portals, Accept and Decline Invitations, RSVP Management, Banquet Seating software, CPD point tracking, RFID Technology, Access Control.

What We Do?

Since then FAITH-X SERVICES has become a turnkey operation for clients who do not want to deal with multiple service providers when putting together an event. Our In-house specialists ensure that everything is taken care of holistically and our clients have one point of contact for

Design, Invitations, Registration, RSVP's, Marketing, Implementation, Venue Management, AV Staging, Exhibitor Management, Post Event Evaluation Forms

Available in.

We work on pan-India basis till the time we have left our foot prints in the following cities:



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